My Glorious! Spicy Turkish Adventure


What is better than a delicious warming soup in this rainy lazy Sunday? After spending the day at work on a Sunday there is nothing better than a quick, perfect warm light dinner. I recently had the Glorious! soups and I fell in love with them! And let me tell you something that says a lot coming from someone who never order a soup, even at a restaurant!

They have so many variations and all that I have tasted so far are really good! There is one flavour that stood out for me though – The Moroccan Spiced Chicken! That is why when I saw that Foodies100 were running a competition over on their site with Glorious! soups to win a trip to Mumbai I knew I had to participate. Not only because I love travelling but also because I became a big fan of Glorious! soups.


Even though I have never been in Morocco and I bet it will be so cool to visit it some day, I loved the Moroccan Spiced Chicken soup. Its flavour reminds me of Turkey in so many way as well! Me and my husband spend our summer holidays in Turkey with friends and I let me tell you that I am hooked with this country and their food for good!

Spending 10 days in Marmaris gave us a glimpse of the beauty and charisma of Asia. We enjoyed so much the sun shining through the palms and the mesmerizing  scenery of the small town situated between two intersecting sets of mountains by the sea. We just loved it! A vacation in Turkey will comfort you with amazing food, lots of history and the best hospitality ever! I am impressed of the kindness of Marmaris people, so friendly and nice.

There are so many historic places you can visit in the aria, beautiful islands nearby and numerous local restaurants and street food places where you can taste the amazing Turkish food. I loved the flavours, the colours and the atmosphere of this seaside tourist town.

Marmaris beauty is warming up my heart now during the rainy winter days in London. May be that is why I enjoy eating the Glorious!  Moroccan Spiced Chicken soup so much, because it is transporting me back to the beautiful summer days in Turkey and bringing the memories of the afternoon walks through the markets.

Ah the markets! Colourful spices, various sweets and juicy fruits just waiting to be transformed into the most delicious fresh squeezed drinks. Perfect pitch for everyone who wants something refreshing. There you you will find also various hand made ceramics you can take back home with you to decorate your house. They can easily gain a special spot in your heart – hand crafted and painted bowls, cups and dishes for your kitchen and themed dinners, towels and aromatic saps for the bathroom and what ever else your heart desire! You name it, I bet you can find it there!

A magical piece of land, perfect for food lovers and adventure seekers!

This blog post is an entry into the Foodies100/GLORIOUS! soup #GloriousAdventures blogger challenge.



Истанбул – палитра от цветове, вкус и приключения ♥ Istanbul – a palette of colors, tastes and adventures

Истанбул – какво да кажем за него? Думите не стигат да се опише историята, вкусовете, културата и цветовете събрани в този град. И снимките не могат, но пък запазват жив споменът за вълнуващо изживяване. Отдавна исках да посетя този мегаполис и препоръчвам на всеки, който има възможност да го направи. Дори и с дни да описвам малкото места, които посетихме за няколко дни прекарани там, пак няма да мога да ви предам колорита и емоцията. Трябва да го вдите сами. Прекрасно е, но и много различно! Istanbul – what can I say about that place? The words are not enough to describe all the history, taste, the culture and the colors gathered in this city. The pictures cannot describe it ether but still they sure keep alive the memory of a great adventure. I wanted to visit this megalopolis since long time ago and I recommend this destination to everyone. Even if I spend days writing about the places that we visited for a few days there I would not be able to share the vibrancy and the emotions experienced. You have to see it for yourself. It is amazing but also really different. Ако не сте фен на тълпите, лудницата и водовъртежа от хора, може би няма да останете толкова запленени. Но пък това е чат от тамошната култура. Истанбул е дом на 22 милиона души – улични търговци, сладкари, бизнесмени, актьори, певци, бедни и богати. Местните са гостоприемни и услужливи. Храната е близка до българската и можете да се насладите на типичните за Турция вкусове – известните гевреци със сусам, дюнери, страхотен хляб и сладкиши, разбира се. Ах сладкишите…. топяща се в устата баклава, в безброй вариации, локум, кюнефе, кадаиф и какво ли още не. Посетете местнте пазари, от които можете да си купите подправки, чай, сладкиши, ръчно изрисувана керамика, цветни и красиви шалове и още много други съкровища. Разходете се из дворците, цветните им градини, повозете се на корабче по Босфора и се слейте с местното население из улиците и плщадите. Потопете се в духа на изтока! Няма да съжалявате! If you are not a fan of the crowds, the super busy madness and the whirlpools of people you might not be that excited but all this is part of the local culture and it is worth getting over it. Istanbul is a home of 22 million people – street vendors, bakers, businessmen, actors, singers, poor and wealthy people. Local people are kind and hospitable. The food is awesome. You can enjoy the tipical Turkish flavors – the famous sesame pretzels, kebabs, Turkish delights, kunefe, kadaif and many others. You will be able to visit the Egypt market and the world famous Grand Bazar where you can buy different spices, tea, sweets, hand made and  hand painted ceramics, beautiful colorful scarfs and so many little treasures you will enjoy having. Take a walk to the palaces like Dolma Bahche Sarai ane walk through their blooming gardens, get on the ferry for a two hours sight seeing along the Bosphorus and mix with the locals on the streets and the squares. Immerse yourself in the spirit of the East! You will not regret it! Да се разходим в снимки! Let’s take a walk in pictures! SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC IMG_8006_small IMG_7989_small IMG_8372_small IMG_8391_small IMG_8482_small IMG_8557_small IMG_8566_small IMG_8599_small IMG_8627_small IMG_8590_smallSONY DSC  SONY DSCSONY DSCIMG_8121_small


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